Euro-style Merchandisers

Euro-Style Slant Rack with 3 Pop-up

Adjustable Shelves Option: EE

Produce, Deli, Bakery, Floral

  • 3 oak slat shelves which individually adjust parallel to the floor to match the angle of the full Slant Rack
  • All-in-one construction - no additional parts
  • Solid oak product stops on the rear of each shelf

  • Plexiglass product stop for the front slat (as pictured)

Euro-Style Market Cart

Produce, Bakery, Floral

The country market appeal of this unit lends itself to effective merchandising, attracting the customers to the floral creations, seasonal gift baskets and produce displayed in original crates

  • Overall size: 48" x 881/2"
  • All oak construction with clear lacquer finish
  • Black bumper on front facia to protect the display
  • Spoke wheels on working axle
  • Oak overshelf 16 " x 40 "

  • Casters on front of cart
  • Different sized spoke wheels
  • Merchandising shelf
  • Pop-up adjustable shelves

Euro-Style Bulk Market Cart


A highly versatile, eye-catching bulk display gives produce departments a festive flair.

  • Heavy-duty, fully welded black metal frame
  • Cast iron wheels
  • (2) locking casters
  • O.A.= 72" x 44"; I.D. of bed = 69" x 41" x 11" deep
  • Oak veneer plywood construction with 2" oak trim finished with clear lacquer
  • Black metal tubular handle

  • Black plastic step insert (as pictured)
  • False bottom for flexibility in display

Euro-Style Crusty Bread Display


This flexible bakery display presents full- and self-service options in one unit.

  • Solid oak shelves, base is oak veneer over plywood
  • 48" modular sections with casters
  • Enclosed, nonadjustable slant rack base
  • Rear storage area

  • Corner unit with casters (as pictured)
  • Long loaf bread bin
  • Enclosed plexiglass area for full service (as pictured)

Euro-Style Full-length End Cap

Produce, Deli, Bakery, Floral

The perfect complement to a back-to-back Slant Rack display, or use as a freestanding configuration.

  • Mitered corners
  • Retaining edge on all 3 shelves
  • Front supports and back supports
  • Adjustable legs to match height of Slant-Top base
  • 13", 16" and 22" shelf depths