All-in-one Floral Cases and Workstations
Floral Case Amtekco's Low Profile All-in-one Floral Cases and Workstations Give Your Department Flower Power!

Flower power takes on a whole new meaning when you're talking about the ability to maximize profits in your floral department. Floral sales within grocery stores and supermarkets are increasing every year. Since 1986, sales have increased 109% and topped $166 million in 1994 alone. And, the majority of these sales are a result of impulse buying.

Amtekco's low profile Floral Cases and Workstations give you the power to optimize these impulse buying opportunities. Consumers can't resist the beautiful appeal and fragrant aroma of fresh flowers presented in stunning, eye-catching displays. Amtekco's multitiered floral cases allow you to merchandise fresh cut flowers, stems and bouquets as well as foliage, flowering and bedding plants more effectively. The cases focus the attention on the flowers and plants, make all of the selections highly accessible and keep your floral sales as brisk and fresh as your flowers.

Standard 3-tier configuration maximizes merchandising space and makes all selections highly accessible.

  • Full side mirrors let consumers see more of your flowers
  • Fully lined galvanized bottom drain pan provides trouble free operation
  • Recessed lighting with safety shields perfectly highlights presentations
  • Fully insulated case keeps your flowers fresher, longer
  • Attractive and durable exterior laminated finishes are adaptable to any store décor and colors
  • Rugged 6" toe base with access panel
  • Heavy-duty bumper molding keeps cases looking great
  • Modular-style cases provide maximum design flexibility
  • Highly accurate temperature control and solenoid valve maintain steady settings

  • Choose from an endless spectrum of sizes, colors and options
  • Fully finished end and back for added design versatility
  • Refrigerated and non-refrigerated sections available
  • Available with custom or standard 45 degree or 90 degree angled wedges
  • Self-contained or remote refrigeration systems available
  • Easy to clean materials for long life and low maintenance
  • Completely customized cases and stations available
  • Pre-wired for easily installation
  • Available in custom or standard lengths of 4', 6' 8' and 10'
FM4 48"
FM6 72"
FM8 96"
FM10 120"
FM-45o FM-45o Wedge
FM-90o FM-90o Wedge

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